Blooming Right Where I Am

So Blooming Right Where I Am is a very nice thought. I like it here, so that’s a good thing.

I am checking things off on my “Am I ready.. checklist” and fantastic news I am jamming.

1. Soil Nutrient Levels

Check : Good my soil has been tested and great results  the nutrients are just right for all the plants in this flower bed. And no big deal if they weren’t because all a girl needs to do is add a little something something to get that perfect. We have all the nutrients any garden needs to get that wonderful perfect soil.

2. Water

Water Supply is always important.

OK..Check….I am sure you are all good about this but I am not. So…OK…I will add water to my day… I have to admit I need to be a lot better about  drinking water. We offer it in Our Healing Body Nook so I will grab some there.  I love personalized, monogrammed things,  you are welcome to do the same or just order it like it is which ever one you want. I have pictures posted on our Facebook Page…Positive Thoughts Positive Life 4 Everyone… if you want to see how cute they are. I will have pictures up right here really soon, I hope by dinner tonight, but we will see I have a project I am finishing up before I get to that. And one more thing before I run to my desk to finish up this project. Help yourself to everything once we open. It will be easy to order everything. Everything is just a click click away once you have signed up with your credit or debit card. Water is easy to find in Our Healing Body Nook, It is just right inside. Anyway if you need me I am just in the other room at my desk, so just send me a message and I will be right there to help you. Please make yourself at home. Oh one more thing, I love personalized, monogrammed things, so you are welcome to do the same or just order it like it is which ever one you want. They are really cute personalized for summer cookouts, parties, weddings, showers you all. Just jot down what you want Your Water Bottle To Say and in a Click Click and they are on their way to you.

3. Sun or Shade

Yep, I am in the perfect sunlight to Bloom Beautifully

4. Make Someone Smile Today…

I Still have to think about this one…No Big Deal..It Will Happen..I’ll let you know in a bit.

BRB….(be right back) running to my desk. Talk to you in a bit.

PS. If you are in crisis and need help right now.

We have a Mental Health Contact List in our Healing Mind Nook.

Medical Physicians Contact List in our Healing Body Nook.

Treatment Programs Contact List for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Support in every Healing Nook Mind Body and Spirit

You can talk to them right here right now.

It is going to be ok..really..I promise..

I am Healing from serious PTSD and because of that a Chronic Panic Disorder. I was so afraid of everyone and everything just about, noises even. I truly was to afraid to leave my house. Bless my childrens hearts.

A few really good things did come from this though…My husband for one..He came into my life as my body guard during my “Can not leave my house time period”….But I will tell you about that later… ..And…If I can do it..I know you can do it to….

I Will Cheer You On…I BELIEVE IN YOU. You are going to feel so much better really soon.

Blessings and Please Stay in Touch. Talk to You in a Little Bit.



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