The Elderly – Good Customer Service Tips

Taking Care of Two Of my best friends who are bed the 5th stage of Parkinson’s and his wife…with heart and small stroke problems..this article helped so much..Thanks

Practical Practice Management

673558_sign_1There needs to be a course on dealing with the elderly when it comes to customer service, and the reason I say this is because as we age we change and at times when we are serving the elderly we need to have special insight so that we can understand where they are coming from and be more sensitive to their needs.  The other day an elderly person told me a story of something that happened to her that was so upsetting that when she told me her voice started to shake.  The woman had been a client of a certain beautician for many years and had come to feel that she was friends with her.  Her beautician had been to her home and they had shared many life stories together.  My friend mentioned that she always paid her beautician at the time of service, she went to see her…

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