Positive Thoughts Positive Life…. I Am Claiming…4 Sure…Is True Even In Hard Times And Give’s Me Hope

I still believe Positive Thoughts Positive Life. However it is harder during some really sad situations.

It does not mean that I believe hard painful things do not happen. So I apologize if our Name makes one

believe I think life is all rosey and perfect. I do not. And I feel that at this very moment. In a few situations. The

biggest most painful is my daughter in law was raped a few days ago. I have had problems with my computer AGAIN..

so our store has been delayed…which means eating and phones and lights..I have cried more over the last few days

than I ever had. Our car is having problems so I haven’t gotten to my daughter who lives 4 hours away…A mother’s soul

hurts when one of her little ones is hurting…and then not to be able to get to her…OMG…

But…I am going to get to my daughter…Watch Me Do It…A Hurt Mad Momma On A Mission…I’ll walk if I have to..

Shit…this hurts so deep…and the positive thought on this…is….I Am Lucky To Love This Deep And She Survived.


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