This Is So Exciting…1, 2, 3 Here We Go…We Be Jammin Man

Getting ready for our store to launch is so exciting. It feels like getting ready for a really big party…Making sure everything is in place…and it’s not…well not all of it…I would love my husband in the same state….at home with me…but I won’t be a big baby about it….at least not all the time….because he is here with me…on the phone 3 times a day or so……letters…he is romantic…..and I can feel his presence…he makes sure of that……LOL……We decided to get a face lift so to speak and went to a new theme for our Blog/Store…Our big store next door is an Elegant Theme Divi by WordPress of course..She is so fantastic ya’ll….I am so so so happy about it…and We have a new computer too…it is all good around here….Our Big Store is named “the Self Help Nook by rrbf”….the rrbf stands for Rex and Rebecca Beckam’s Family… it is important to us that they read the rrbf because the f includes them…and we really want our children to add their ways to pamper themselves…so far none have…but a mom never gives up hope….LOL…so thanks for going with me on this…LOL….

So back to the store… Getting ready for our Grand Opening is really making me excited and nervous..and excited…I have been working on a storefront for years but not an online store…I have not been on a computer in this technical way ever…and except for my Petroleum Landman days, Google+ and Facebook I haven’t done much with computers like ya’ll…. I am a quick study but ya’ll there is a lot to this…LOL…I have great respect for you brilliant people that I feel are becoming my friends….So I apologize for being green so to speak…..With my fingers crossed and a huge prayer I am launching our darling baby to help our family and yours take care of themselves and heal if needed…..yours I am sure first…our kids are busy at the moment…..but like I said this mom will never give up…This family of ours will heal dang it..and I am not kidding…watch…you will be the first to know…promise

Let me tell you a little bit about the Self Help Nook by rrbf….We believe everything in the world begins with a thought….everything…So this is where I want us to start…Our Healing Mind Nook is a Library filled with Self Help Books by Authors like Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra and many others…. Affirmations…Affirmations everywhere…pictures, posters, pillows…on anything I can think of…a bunch of them are on Pinterest my Fave…I LOVE TO PIN…Positive Thoughts Positive Life and …check it out…and RePin Away..Follow Me..I will do the same..they let me know and I will go right to ya…Then Our Healing Body Nook is filled with things good for our bodies…Food and Water is where we begin in this nook…On Line Food Ordering and Fantastic husband loves to cook so this is really fun…and I have my Master Gardener so we have gardening..and that is where our food comes from… right?..So we have a gardening part to this nook…and then I had to have a Faerie/Fairy Garden part of the nook…Skuli is from Iceland and they are big on Faeries…they take good care of them there…and we do to at our house…Water is very good for us…and something I am not good about…so I have cute personalized water bottles…this way I may add this to my day…you can cheer me on with this one…Dr. Pepper seems to get in my cup the most….and no more Diet drinks for me…..noway…on my health kick…sshhh…well maybe a few…but let’s not tell Mandy or Rex..K? K…Aspertan…not sure even how to spell that horrible thing…Water it is for me..for sure some water everyday here…Aromatherapy and of course Sleep is very good for us to heal…so we have Egyptian Cotton Sheets and Pillow cases….only the best for us…if you have not slept in Egyptian Cotton Sheets you will thanking me every morning….they are wonderful to say the least…and all kinds of bath treasures…Our Healing Spirit Nook is where I have our pet supplies, music and meditation classes on video..Oh I forgot exercise in Our Healing Body Nook..we have Yoga and Aerobics..If we had a store front we would have Dance Classes and Weights. If I can figure out how to have them On Line we will..but for now Yoga and Yoga Cloths..We will be adding to everything as our kids jump in and add their ideas…and of course as we learn of different ways to take care of ourselves…It is sort of a self pamper store…and taking care of me is how I can take care of them…and I know that is true for you too…so please join us in Making Ourselves A Priority… We Sure Deserve It…That Is For Sure..I know you agree…so with that I will excuse myself, sleep, and get back creating 1st thing during coffee…

Talk to you soon…please drop in and say hi…give me suggestions…sweetly please…I stilll cry easy especially when I have been working a lot and I’m tired…and missing my husband…but I want to have a wonderful Self Help Nook by rrbf…and I am so just a baby with all of this…so….

1000’s of Blessings To You and Your Loved Ones,

Rex and Rebecca Beckam along with Julianne and Skuli Jonsson

Drop in soon and say hi…leave us a note with your email so I can say hi right back..

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6 thoughts on “This Is So Exciting…1, 2, 3 Here We Go…We Be Jammin Man

    1. Tessa my store is opening soon…maybe tonight…this one will have things for the home..not exactly what we had in mind..but that one our healing one will open very very soon…How are you my friend?


      1. Doing good! I am more interested in your healing store, but will check out the other one if these are online. My blogs are picking up and I can’t keep up with all my post emails. I have over 1600 waiting. I am reading from newest first so I might miss something that was older, but what can I do? I like you too and wish you well with your store.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. outstanding…you are doing girls got to stick together…you know we are both making it beating some hard stuff..I am proud if us…and I am so with you on our healing store..I am still working on it…it is happening…I’m going to drop in your tonight Tessa..

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I am proud of us as well. I am working very hard to change my attitude to positive and my mental status has been stable over 3 months now and that is a record me. I hate the meds, but they are working finally. I am about to take a nap here shortly. My sleeping hasn’t been good and I need a nap then will be up all night or at least most of it and then all day tomorrow because I have my grandson’s birthday party to go to. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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