Finding The Good : In The Midst Of …A…..”What…4 real…No Way….Please Tell Me That Did Not Just Happen” Moment

Late one afternoon I was working listening to a really nice rain storm when Oscar began barking in the hallway. He was telling us a story of some kind I thought. Oscar does not like Thunder at all…so I thought thatt was it. He was running back and forth it seemed from the sound of his bark….When we finally listened to him we saw the water was seriously 1 1/2 feet high through out our house 2 weeks ago..It was raining hard but that has never happened before…Oh No Way…So as you can imagine everything was ruined..And this is where” The Good Comes In” during what appears to be a disaster..

Although it WAS the worst smelling gross experience. I have secretly hated the carpets for 17 years…..Never to tell anyone…With Skuli in the late stages of Parkinson’s and Julianne in frail shape and one other small detail….” I was the only one home to pull all the carpet up and take it out to the trash. One Family friend did come by and said “Oh…that looks like a job for a man” and let herself out..see…oh well I thought…I can do it..And I did…I did a very good job…grossed out… smelled horrible..cut my toe…and was very proud….as proud as can be..I did not have time for much else….It took me away from everything..and I felt so behind in everything….except carpet removal…

A team came out I am not sure from where. I haven’t been so excited ever….They were amazing women who helped me. We have 2 rooms that are floor to ceiling book selves. They took every book out and moved the book selves, cleaned with bleach…I would still be so tired I am sure I would still be crying if they had not been sent. The Good is still coming from what came disquised as a disaster. Fema will be here this week. Everything is clean, really clean. ย The Dryer and the oven didn’t make it. But the people who came out are getting us one of each. They are fixing everything in our house. Blessing, Good, Wonderful is all we have now. It has turned out to be the best thing tat has happened. All new everything. Everything is cleaned. There is now much more time to work in our gardens even in the winter, since everything in our house is taken care of.

Sometimes we have to seriously look for the good when it appears to be horrible…but the Good is there in every situation. Every single one.


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