Earth Elements Blessing

This Is So Special Thank You For Sharing With Me.
I to had a Special Daughter Like Yours. My other 2 Daughters Are Special But You Know What I mean. You Have Blessed Me. Thank You

Embracing SPIRIT

In a world outside a blog, it is not often that I am vulnerable or that I share my inner most thoughts and feelings easily.  It is even more rare that I ask for support or even consider anything shy of badass-independence. I knew however that I would love to welcome and take in the love of women that love me unconditionally as part of a special ritual.
I selected a few special women in my life to help me celebrate my new life and my new space. I wanted to have a special ritual that would honor me and also the connection to the Elements of Earth and how they are such great influences in my life.
When I invited these special ladies, I asked that each one bring one small rock to place in my space as a reminder of Mother Earth’s (earth) ability to ground me. The stories of…

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