Itching to get going!

Bailey Boat Cat a very good friend to all the dogs and cats
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Droe, BabyGirl, Oscar, Shadow and the Kittys

Bailey Boat Cat

I’m itching to get going now furiends. We’ve been planning, doing boat projects and more planning. Now I just want to get sailing! I’m missing all my furiends out there in the big blue. We’ve seen a pod of dolphins once this year but I’m eager to get back out there and see more.

Itching to get going!

I’d also really like to try and catch up with my turtle furiends too. We didn’t see any last summer so I hope they will drop by this summer. This guy did three laps around the boat when he came to say ‘hi’…

WOW look it's a sea turtle!

Paws crossed it’s only a few more weeks before we head off for the summer. I CAN’T wait!

Bisous, Bailey

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