* Stop Trying to Let it go

This is just wonderful…Thank You

Find Your Middle Ground

In a conversation with my friend Rikki the other day we talked about lessons from dogs. I hope you are listening Paul and Pharaoh over at Learning from Dogs

“Letting go” came up  and Rikki noticed how there is a difference between a dog giving over a toy or ball, compared with a dog who is told to “let it go”.

let it go

What comes to mind when you think about what you would like to let go of? Its likely to be about letting go of trying to control things that are not within your control right?!?

… Like changing the personality of a colleague or partner… or letting go of trying to do everything perfectly … or letting go of taking on so much… or letting go of resentment because things didn’t go your way.

Take a note of whatever comes to mind right now.

Now notice your mindset or attitude…

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