Shining All Day Fabulously With The 524 Queen

It is a Very Exciting Morning Here At Positive Thoughts Positive Life 4 Everyone.

Our Word Of The Day Is Fabulously. Let’s See How Many Times I Can Use It Today Fabulously.

And there I go starting the day of Fabulously, just as I thought.

We are so pleased to tell you that our

Miniature Fairy Gardens have been spotted popping up.

 The 524 Queen from our Secret Gardens next door is so excited she keeps coming in and out.

Adjusting Everything She Sees.   Check List Please.   With  A little Tuck Here…And A Little Pull There..

Twinkle Lights Are Working ….Check….Fountain Water Moving Freely…..Check

Bird Feeders Filled To The Brim? …… Check…. Bird Baths Filled With Water?…….Check     

Oh My Goodness……I think they are almost here……Places Please….Oh by the way…

You Are Shining Fabulously Today.


And Looking Beautiful

OK…It Is All Going To Be OK

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