Thinking Positive Thoughts and Hearing Positive Words…The Secret 525 on Becoming an Optimist and Surrounding Myself with Other Optimist’s

Many years ago I realized that my life was not anything like I wanted it to be. I do not want to relive that time period by any

means. So I will not go into the yucky details very often except when to do so would help someone else in anyway. I am opening a healing store so I am sure you know I have had to be pro active in healing from some serious wounds. And yes you are correct, I have had to heal my mind body and spirit. I am very lucky to have survived, I had such trauma to my head that I did not have memory for a few months after what did happen to me. I have survived from a serious situation which resulted in me having severe  PTSD and as a result a Chronic Panic Disorder so intense that I receive disability because of the depth of abuse. Healing and surviving was the only option I could see. I say this much to convey the seriousness and the depth of the strength I had to muster up to work myself through changing my thinking. Not to mention the amount of times a day I had to redirect my thoughts in order to re-create my life. As a result I could not go into public places because of the depth of my fear and embarrassment that I may have a panic spell which can and has resulted in me have seizure like panic. It is just not a good look… It has taken alot of Affirmations and Belief in the Affirmations that I use to start to become normal again.  Thankfully that was years ago now. Today I can go to a few public places, but honestly unless it is a greenhouse I do not go alone.  I do go with my husband, however he is out of town at the moment so I have my children that I will go with. They all live in different cities. I have 2  good friends Julie and Ryan that I go into public with they are very dear in that they understand and build me up with their words and attitudes about it.

So onto The Secret 525, I became aware of this when someone let me in on the fact that I could actually change everything I was experiencing on a daily basis. I did not have any clue that it would take such focus on redirecting my thought patterns about 1000 times a day for quite awhile. When I heard about this re-creating my life idea I knew that in order to have different experiences during the day I would have to do different things. And then I realized that I would have to be around different people as well. So for me, I had to make the decision of not being around some people in my life. Like my ex-husband for example. Which was the best decision I ever made. Oh ok… I guess the police helped there to as they put him in prison while the hospital saved me. To pat myself on the back a bit, I did make the decision never to talk to him again.

Once realizing that I could  re-create my life I had to decide what it was that I wanted my life to be like. I proudly can tell you that the aspects of my day dream life I wanted is exactly how my life is and has been for quite a few years now. Now I am creating that my wonderful husband is always in town with me. Anyway, I wanted to be Happy, Safe, Loved, Loving, Healthy and Abundant. And I am. After I wrote my Day Dream Life down I gathered pictures together and cut words out, got a poster board and made a focus board. Which I placed where I could see it all the time. Within a year I had created everything on it. They told me that every time I became aware that I was having a yucky thought to replace it right away with “The Positive Thought” of what I was creating. As I said in the beginning I found myself doing this 1000’s of times a day. As time went on my thinking stayed  focused on my new lovely life and by the time that was all I thought about I had re-created my life. It really does work. And if I can do it. I know all of you can do it. As we all know some things are easier to have a paradigm shift with than others. Working through terror takes along time and alot of redirecting of our thoughts. But it really can happen. And as I always say Thoughts Become Things….Think The Good Ones…and….Don’t Give Up Your Day Dream.


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