What Do You Love Today?

It really is so good to think of the things we love..
I don’t even have to get up and I can just look from my desk and see so many things I love and pictures of the people I love…Like My husband..oh wow..I love him..my children..my grandchildren..the music I’m listening to..My dogs..the painting my grown son painted when he was little..my sister in law..the prayer my husband wrote for me that I have framed and next to me. the XO’s my husband sent me in the mail, ..As I think about all the things I love..I love looking for the good..I love it that I recreated my life and I am happy. I love healing..ok..I guess I could go on and on..I love a lot..I miss my husband he has been out of the state for a bit..and I love it that we both love each other unconditionally..I love it that he ALWAYS builds me up with his words..Some people get to always be in the same house and don’t like each other..I have had that..sad..But We do like each other..a lot..I know I am really blessed..I love it that this is what I re-created my life to be like..I love it that it really worked..I re-created my life to where I am safe, happy, loved, loving, healthy and abundant now and have been for a while.


Burning calories, rocking out, swapping recipes, old men wearing old man cardigans and hats, ducks splashing in puddles, the “wham bam thank you ma’am” part of Suffragette City and freeze-dried strawberries.

What do YOU love today?

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